Welcome to the Reading Place

Here in NPT Libraries, we want people to be able to share what they are reading, no matter where they are or what time it is. You may not be able to get to a reading group or don’t want to join in a formal discussion, perhaps you just want to dip in whenever you want. You might not want to read the same book as everyone else, at the same time as everyone else.

The Reading Place is our way of offering that to you. Every month, we will be posting a theme for you to read around – how you interpret that theme is up to you. You can tweet about what you read, using the hashtags that accompany the theme and towards the end of every month, we will be holding a live Twitter discussion using the hashtags.

If you don’t want to tweet, don’t worry! You can just lurk or comment on any of our blog posts or on any of the theme pages.

Remember what you read is up to you – we will offer some suggestions, but feel free to tell us yours. It doesn’t have to be a book – perhaps you enjoy reading newspapers, websites, gossip magazines – we don’t care, as long as you read!

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2 Responses to Welcome to the Reading Place

  1. Hilary says:

    I love watching “Come Dine With Me”. Any cookery book recommendations?

    • Bethan says:

      If you are fan of TV cookery shows, how about Fast, Fresh and Easy Food by Lorraine Pascale? I love watching her show – she makes it look so easy. Another big hit with me is Gok cooks Chinese by Gok Wan – I would recommend trying Papa Wan’s Char Sui Pork. If you like Italian food, Nigella Lawson has just had her new cookery book published, Nigellissima: Instant Italian Inspiration – some of these recipes look delizioso.
      For me, however, I would highly recommend anything by Nigel Slater. His new book has also just been published and features recipes from his TV shows, Simple Suppers and Simple Cooking. If you enjoy his recipes, perhaps, you might want to try his childhood memoir, Toast.
      I hope this helps – happy cooking!

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