Guilty as Charged

This month is all about Guilty Pleasure, however I tend to get carried away and my guilty pleasures become guilty but pleasurable obsessions. I have many quirks that I wouldn’t normally admit to, but on thinking about them we’re probably all a little bit odd in the things we enjoy even if they are accompanied with guilt. What are some of my Guilty Pleasures? Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin……

I am addicted to historical dramas, doesn’t matter if they are Catherine Cookson, Jane Austen or by Julian Fellowes (think Downton Abbey) I can’t get enough of them. A Sunday afternoon relaxing and avoiding everything I should be doing (usually the housework) by indulging in bygone eras which granted aren’t always historically correct, is absolute bliss. Add that to the fact I am usually the first person to start playing the air guitar to Chesney Hawkes on the radio and at the grand old age of 31 I own a Mr Potato Head and regularly change the faces (for the entertainment of my nephews of course!).

So what have I been reading for this month’s theme? ‘The Hairy Bikers’ Family Cookbook: Mums know Best’ Well when I said read, I’ve looked at all the pictures and read the accompanying captions. As for the recipes, ummmm, another guilty pleasure. I flick through cookbooks but rarely get round to reading the recipes and making something from them. So this month I’m going to change that! I’ve challenged myself not only to read the recipes but find a favourite and cook it. Watch out for the photos during our live group chat on Twitter on September 25th at 8pm.

Am I alone in my guilt? Of course not! Just remember how much you enjoy your guilty pleasures and soon you’ll end up with a list a lot longer than mine!

Happy Reading #NPTguilty


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4 Responses to Guilty as Charged

  1. Lys says:

    Am I weird? I can’t get enough of anything about Richard III – I will read fiction, biographies, history, newspaper articles – literally anything. I shall have to go on Newsbank to find out if the bones that were found recently actually did belong to Richard

  2. Leah Hayes says:

    My guilty pleasure this month is Sean Black’s ‘Dead Lock’ it’s like every 90s action movie rolled into one-the hero always wins out and it is so bad it’s good. You have to give it a go any Lee Child fan will love or hate this book just because it’s fast paced but so ridiculous!

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