Guilty? Not so sure.

I’ve been thinking for a few days now. Do I feel guilty about what I read? Do I have any guilty pleasures? Answer to the first question is a resounding no. Read what you want to read, if you find pleasure in it, you read it. All I would say is keep on reading. If, like many this year, you have got into reading through Fifty Shades don’t stop there, keep going and keep on reading. Answer to the second question – the only pleasure I feel any guilt about is that I can, and do find time to read, usually while travelling, not a luxury everyone has. I feel guilt for all those who can’t fit reading into their day. Because reading is brilliant and I feel so lucky to be a reader, devouring a wide range of books. As for anything else I enjoy – well to be honest I am too busy enjoying myself to worry about guilt – maybe, as I get older (the grey is advancing) I don’t care too much any more. who knows.

So why do we talk about guilty pleasures? Who out there is making us feel guilty for enjoying ourselves? Is it a cultural snobbishness suggesting that we should all be doing something more intellectual, meaningful? When it comes to reading there is certainly some snobbishness about what we read. If I had a £1 for every reader who has ever ‘apologised’ for reading something easy, trashy while not quite having a fortune I would have enough to have a decent shopping spree. To repeat from above –  Read what you want to read, if you find pleasure in it, you read it.

Carry on the discussion on 25th September at 8:00 on twitter #NPTguilty

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