A Guilty roundup

Thanks to everyone who joined in our #NPTguilty twitter chat last Tuesday. I, for one, really enjoyed the conversations that were flying around. It is nearly impossible to capture all the conversations that were going on, but here are the main topics:

What are people’s guilty reading pleasures?

  • Vampire novels (try the Brotherhood of the Dagger – J.R. Ward)
  • Regency Mills & Boons
  • Stephanie Laurens’ books
  • Pretty Little Liars
  • David Walliams’ books. Should you feel guilty because you are reading children’s books? No!
  • Reading magazines – is that really a guilty pleasure? Is it proper reading? Yes, in our view, whatever you are reading is proper reading.
  • Reading in the bath – dropping books in the bath leads to more guilt!
  • James Bond books (while singing the theme tune and fantasizing about being James Bond)
  • Getting stuck into a good crime novel, such as Stephen Booth, Karen Rose or Tess Gerritsen

Reading Fifty Shades? Should you feel guilty?

No! This was the resounding opinion of the tweeters – how can you feel guilty when everyone else is reading them too! When was the last time everyone was talking so much about reading? At least, people are reading something (although one tweeter did share that they knew one person who had only read two books – The Rats by James Herbert and Fifty Shades of Grey, bit of a strange combination, we thought!).

Is the Casual Vacancy going to be the next reading craze?

Tweeters were more concerned that they were going to be disappointed by the lack of magic, rather than whether it was going to be craze or not. We are hoping that it is going to be good, despite the lack of goblins and house elves!

For me, the hour flew by before I knew it and I am looking forward to next month’s chat with great anticipation. Join us if you can, we are about to get #NPTscary…


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