Into the cloud I go…

Alternative worlds… hmmmm…. When I first thought about this theme, I thought that it would be an easy one for me. I am a massive fan of fantasy fiction, whether it is dystopia, urban or more traditional. As the month has gone by, I have thought about what would challenge me in this theme, especially as I am getting to the point that all the dystopian worlds are blending into one.

So, what does “alternative worlds” mean? Does it mean fantasy fiction or could it mean something else?

Sitting at my computer on a very dreary and wet day, I realised that an alternative world for me, right now, could be a tropical island, an arid plain, or a lush jungle. It could be a historical world, where dinosaurs roamed the earth or great voyages were undertaken.

With all this in mind, I wondered what book could satisfy some, if not all of these alternatives? As I pondered, I remembered watching the film trailer for Cloud Atlas, a film based on the 2004 novel by David Mitchell. The book ticks all the boxes for Alternative Worlds – sometimes set in the past, sometimes in the present and sometimes in a dystopian future. So, Cloud Atlas, it is for me.

What will you choose for your Alternative Worlds read? Let us know what you are reading, comment on here or use #NPTworld on Twitter. We will be having a Twitter chat on Tuesday 27th November at 8 p.m., so join us if you can, using #NPTworld.


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