Book worth a sleepless night!


I found it! My book for #NPTworld! It’s fantastic! I enjoyed it so much I’m dedicating this blog to it! 

I stumbled across this little gem whilst browsing through recent releases for Young Adult readers (YA). Not having heard of Tom Easton before, I delved deeper and read the blurb. It definitely caught my attention. I was in possession of a book that contained an apocalypse, bad guys, teenagers who could save the earth and a group of people whose mission to survive starts as a logical diplomatic approach and quickly descends into obsessive dictatorship by the man who saved them all. It was witty and felt very real and was easy to believe that this could happen. It didn’t shy away from the difficult choices that would need to be made in this situation, but wasn’t gory just for the sake of it.

Basically I enjoyed this well written book so much I couldn’t wait for our #NPTworld chat to tell you about it. To sum up: READ IT!

Join us on November 27th at 8pm to tell us what you have been reading this month.

Happy Reading


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