A worldly wrapping up

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our #NPTworld twitter chat last Tuesday, it was fab to chat to you all. Here are our thoughts about “Alternative worlds”.

  • Dystopia is the current craze in fiction, but is there now too much of it? Some of us are reading so much dystopian fiction that they are all now blending into one. There are, however, some stand out examples – see our recommended reads.
  • Mainstream fiction can have an element of fantasy as well. Examples include Cecilia Ahern and Nora Roberts.
  • Does “alternative worlds” necessarily mean fantasy? It could also be science fiction, historical fiction, the future, anything set in a foreign country – so much to choose from…
  • Fantasy fiction seems to go through fashions – zombie, dystopia, urban, but there are still a few of us who like traditional fantasy (see recommended reads)

Our recommended reads


Juliana Baggott – Pure

Ann Aguirre – Enclave

Cormac McCarthy – The Road

Andrew Fukuda – The Hunt

Traditional fantasy

Anything by Raymond E. Feist (well, you have to go in order, or it won’t make sense)

David Eddings – the same as above

Robert Jordan – The Wheel of Time series


Stephen King – The Dark Tower series

Anything by Terry Pratchett

Michael Grant – Adam and Eve

See you for the #NPTcosy chat – 18th December 2012, 8 pm.

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