Plenty to Read this Christmas

Weather rarely has an effect on what I read. I don’t feel the need to read chick lit in the summer and thrillers in the winter. I don’t feel compelled to read Christmas themed books because that eventful day is approaching. Basically, if it’s a good book and I’m in the mood for it, I’ll read it. This also applies to where I read; I can and will read anywhere. But if I truly wish indulge then like many of you I have a check list of elements needed to create the perfect atmosphere.


This is a check list in progress as until I started thinking about it, the only reading ‘habit’ I had, was a tendency to read until 4am.

True to my eclectic tastes I have read a mixture of books so far this month and here are a few I would recommend giving a go:

The Hunt – Andrew Fukuda

The Nearly-Weds – Jane Costello

Personally I Blame my Fairy Godmother – Claudia Carroll


On my ‘yet to read’ list:

The Woman who died a lot – Jasper Fforde

Last to Die – Tess Gerritsen

A Winter Flame – Milly Johnson

And who knows what books Father Christmas will bring me!

Join us on Twitter on the 18th December at 8pm when we will be chatting about our favourite books and places we like to read them. Use #NPTcosy to join in the conversation.

Merry Christmas and Happy Reading



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