All Cwtched Up

#NPTcosy meant a lot different things to different people. Our Cosy comforts theme covered places to read, anything we needed around us and the books we were reading. To be honest we spent most of the hour trying to convince Paul to hand over his chocolates, but a few other points arose as well.

We will read anywhere!

  • Buses – in a bid to escape the boredom of travelling back and forth to work.
  • Trains – to relax during a long journey (apparently this is not the place to read ‘The Amber Spyglass’ unless you’re ok with public blubbing)
  • The Sofa – probably the favourite – our sofa is a place we cwtch in with a blanket and a hot drink. A place where we can enjoy books with our children. Probably the best place in the world to relax and enjoy a good book!

These are a few of the books we enjoyed over the festive period.

Jon Rance – The Thirty Something Life

Milly Johnson – A Winters Flame

Marni Bates – Decked with Holly

Audrey Hepburn Biographies (There are many, take your pick)

With the children;

Roald Dahl – BFG

Nick Butterworth – Percy the Park Keeper

Our theme for January is ‘A New You’. Use #NPTNewU to join in the chat at the end of the month.

Happy New Year!


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