Do I need a new me?

Reading is one of my greatest pleasures – it allows me to escape from my sometimes frantic life into the imagined worlds of various authors. I love to read fiction, any genre really (except, maybe, war or combat), so why would I want to change something that gives me so much comfort?

I suppose I need to look at it from a different angle – I am not going to change what I am doing already, but rather, add to it in some way. It is not as if I have never read any non-fiction before, I used to like reading biographies, especially, of historical women, such as Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire or Alice Keppel. Is a biography the answer for me? Would that really be a new thing?

What about reading and learning about something at the same time? Should I learn how to sew from a book? How to make and ice beautiful cakes or perhaps, more usefully, how to change the oil filter on my car? I can’t really see me doing any of these things, though, as I would rather buy my cushions ready-made, order my cakes from the bakery and take my car to my friendly mechanic.

I really need to want to change or learn something, in order to read about it. My only New Year’s resolution has been to lose some weight and get fitter (the same resolution as last year – that worked out well), so can I find something to read that will inspire this? A diet book, perhaps? Will I stick to it? Do I need a book to tell me how to lose weight and get fitter – surely, I just need to cut down on the cake and go to Zumba?

Find out how I get on in our Twitter chat on Tuesday 29th January, 8 p.m. Use #NPTNewU to join in.


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