Many Faces of Love

ImageInitially, I mainly thought about the books you love to read, where you love to read them and who you love to read with. But then I had an epiphany, what about the love story itself? Women (and probably a few men) have been enjoying Mills and Boons for decades, the dashing heroes and feisty heroines finding love time and time again. In more modern times Fifty Shades of Grey flew of the shelves of every library and bookstore as the world got wrapped up in the tale of Mr Grey. For readers who like something in between; Stephanie Laurens, Katie Fforde and Nora Roberts create wonderful worlds that no matter the setting re-new your belief in love.

Boy meets girls, girl meets boy, they love to hate each other and/or many obstacles are thrown into the path of true love, but they get there eventually and live happily ever after.

Even books filled with action packed fight scenes and the most gruesome of murders find a way to show that love in one format or another can conquer all, causing us on occasions to sympathise with the bad guy. Whatever guise love appears under, be it lovers, friends, family, your country, Love appears to drive all stories and being deprived of its many variants can create a whirlwind of obsession, pain and misguided actions. Yet time and again we are drawn to stories and enjoy the rollercoaster of feelings they give us.

So some of my book choices for this month

Image Join me on February 26th on twitter at 8pm to see what I thought and to throw in some your own opinions using #NPTLove

Happy reading


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One Response to Many Faces of Love

  1. I just scored 88% and am very happy with my true love…

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