Funny Ha Ha!

Book that make us LOL. Is it something you look for in a book or a pleasant surprise when you discover one that does? When I watch a film or go to the theatre I love a good comedy, I seek them out. So why when it comes to books does it not seem quite so high on my list of wants?

However, over the years I have read many books that have made me laugh. Crazy situations characters have found themselves in, witty one liners and the ideas the story line produces have all got me giggling.

In fact if I thought about it a little bit more, I could probably create a top 3 funny books. So I did…..


3) Is it just me? – Miranda Hart

Whatever Miranda does, she makes me laugh and very loudly! Reading about somebody else’s bizarre life events does help me feel a bit more normal and to top it off I’ve found a biography I like! A Miranual every girl should own.

2) Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy – Douglas Adams

I love the imagination of this book. Towels being a life saving piece of technology, a depressed robot, space being too small for an intergalactic highway, causing earth to be ‘removed’, starting Arthur’s travels. It’s packed with crazy ideas that all sound perfectly reasonable when put together in this book. Never fails to make me chortle.

1) Turbulent priests – Colin Bateman

BONKERS! is probably the best description of this book. From the moment Mary gives birth in the Stable pub after going to a pop concert it introduces one crazy person after another. Add to that a small island of the coast of Ireland and you’re one step away from a Father Ted Crilley experience.

Ta-da my top 3 funny books! From fear of injuring stomach muscles with so much laughter I’ve not read all three this month. But will definitely be enjoying them at a leisurely pace this year, next year and probably the year after and the year after that……….

 Join us on Twitter on March 26th (tonight!) to chat about the books that make you chortle #NPTlol

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One Response to Funny Ha Ha!

  1. Lynne says:

    Has to be Bill Bryson – Notes from a Small Island and Down Under in particular.

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