Jolly Good Fun

Thanks everyone who took part in #NPTLOL. What a rib-tickling hour of great book recommendations and jokes galore, not just from book enthusiasts in the UK.

So here are some of the books/authors that have made us LOL:

Terry Prachett – Mort
Douglas Adams – Hitchhikers Guide
Tom Sharpe – Anything by this author seems to be a hit
Sue Townsend – Adrian Mole 13 ¾
Colin Bateman – Divorcing Jack

John Donoghue – Police, Crime & 999
Caitlin Moran – Moranthology
Jimmy Carr & Lucy Greeves – The Naked Jape
Bill Bryson – The Lost Continent

For the kids
Jeff Kinney
Paul Jennings
Terry Denton
Roald Dahl
David Walliams
Louise Rennison

We could’ve gone on all night recommending books to each, there seems to be an endless list of books that have made us laugh.

But are we a group of people who like to laugh out loud at our books or quietly chuckle? Both! Although laughing out loud on a bus puts you on the receiving end of a few stares, sometimes we just can’t help ourselves. However, the majority ruled for quiet chuckling to ourselves.

To finish off, throughout the day we tweeted some of our favourite book quotes and jokes. Here are a few of the giggles:

“I was reading a book…’the history of glue’ – I couldn’t put it down.” – Tim Vine

“I read the newspaper avidly. It is my one form of continuous fiction.” – Aneurin Bevan

“The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense.” – Tom Clancy

A book fell on my head today…….
I only have my shelf to blame.

My father gave me a really cheap dictionary for my birthday.
I couldn’t find the words to thank him.

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