It’s all Greek to me.

A species of book I thought I had yet to discover are those translated from other languages into English. When my colleagues presented ‘Lost in Translation’ as a theme for May I panicked. The most ‘foreign’ book I’ve read is the author being from America or Australia. How was I going to find a translated book that I would enjoy?

Then a friend pointed out that I already had read many books translated from other languages. (Panic over!)

As a child I read many of the Grimm’s fairy tales, Ink heart by Cornelia Funke and of course being from Wales I’ve read parts of the Mabinogion.  

As an adult, however, my reading seems to have become less diverse. I’ve not read anything by Stieg Larsson or dipped into classics like The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas.  

After hunting around trying to find a book I discovered ‘The Hunger Angel’ By Herta Muller. It sounded fascinating from the blurb and originally written in German I thought great! Sadly it appears I was not in the mood to read such an intense book. The hunt began again and it was at a Youth Librarians meeting last week I had an epiphany. Whilst listening to the incredibly entertaining Dr Mel Gibson talk about comics and graphic novels, I thought ‘this is something I should try’. Despite being and avid fan of the Beano as a child, I never carried this interest through into my adult years. So to keep within the theme of ‘Lost in Translation’ I decided to head into the world of Anime and Manga comics.

What can I say?

Wow! There are a crazy number available and for all ages.

My decision?

To use and online comic site that very helpfully listed the most popular comics. Top of the list ‘Naruto’. (Think I remember this being a cartoon series years ago)

Am I enjoying it?

So far and surprisingly yes! It takes a while to get used to reading from right to left (a skill you need to acquire quickly or they make no sense) and you need to accept they hold a quirky humour in their plots. But I think I may drop by the website from time to time and read some more.

Don’t forget to head to twitter 8pm tonight to share which translated books you enjoy. Make sure you add #NPTLost to the end of your tweets.

Happy Reading


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