Giving the Past Scope


When it comes to Historical Fiction, I’ve read a lot! Starting at a young age with good old Catherine Cookson, I enjoy a gentle trip into past be it with working class heroes or husband hunting with the Ton. There are many different styles of fictional history around, from the depressions ooop north with Josephine Cox to more action packed and comedic titles by Julia Quinn (I know I’m not the only one glad to never be invited to a Smythe-Smith musical evening!) The choices in the genre of book seem to be endless and luckily not aimed at the romantics.

Being a general fan of all things historical, it is important that the books setting to be somewhat credible. However, if the author stretches facts to enhance fiction, I don’t mind. Take steam punk for example; set during the Victorian era or American Wild West, it stays loyal to many of the ways Victorians/ Frontiers men thought and behaved. Yet, with a spot of ‘giving the truth scope’, our lovely ancestors are having the time of their life with gadgets galore and adventures you could only dream of.

As a style of book I’ve not really delved into, I thought this would be a good time to step away from the gentler saga books I’ve enjoyed over the years and delve head first into the more riotous escapades of Gail Carrigers Steam Punk characters. My book for this month is ‘Etiquette and Espionage’ – the tale of Sophronia a tree climbing, clock dismantling young lady, who is enrolled at a finishing school with no ordinary curriculum. Sounds interesting!

But what are you reading? Do you have a strict criterion? Are you inspired by Sky’s Games of Thrones to read the books?

Join us on May 28th at 8pm to twitter chat about all this historical #NPTPast

Happy Reading


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