Boom, boom, boom, boom!

Having enjoyed a trundle through Gail Carrigers steampunk adventures, I found myself with time on my hands and in hunt of another book ready for our fast approaching twitter chat.  Where to go next? Do I head back into the world of the regency romance, or dig out my copy of Kate Mosse Labyrinth? My cunning plan: to raid my groaning book shelves.

The result: I spotted a gem I’ve not picked up in many years – a book of Blackadder scripts.

On re-discovering this book I let out a squeal that would make a six year old proud, put the kettle on and got ready to make my ribs hurt from laughing at the Blackadder family history.

Does it tick the necessary boxes to fit with this months reading theme?

Well it’s historical (and accurate enough to make you wonder why Andrew Marr’s History programmes are so long), whilst based on historical fact, it is essentially a fictional story and it’s great! Which gives me enough reasons for me to read it and talk about it at great length whether people to hear it or not!

Did I enjoy reading it again? (You probably can guess the answer to that!)

Keep an eye out for our favourite quotes from historical books we’ve read throughout today on twitter and get ready to join our chatting from 8pm. don’t forget the hash tag – #NPTPast.

On that note I’ll leave you with one of my favourite pieces of poetry.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom.

 Boom, boom, boom, boom.

 Boom, boom, boom, boom.

 Boom, boom, boom.”

                                By S Baldrick.

Happy Reading


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One Response to Boom, boom, boom, boom!

  1. Bethan says:

    I have just chortled out loud at the poetry! I love Baldrick

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