Stuck on Sport

I’ve been a bit quiet recently when it comes to this month’s reading theme. Why? Well because it’s all about sport. Just typing that word gives me shivers down my spine. As you may have guessed my knowledge of all things sporty is limited. So, in my determination to be a sports eejit no more, I did what every self respecting researcher does and googled ‘sports in books’.

My system for sorting google results is simple; if I don’t find what I’m looking for in the first 5 results I try again. (I know, I know, a genius approach). Luckily result number 5 was titled ‘Popular sports books’ on Yes! Scrolling through the list there were many books I’ve never heard of, a few I had and a couple I’ve even read. For example:  Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby considered a classic by some, I read this in my youth. Whilst it wasn’t a life changing book for me, there are plenty of borderline obsessive fans of something that can identify with Nicks football story. In the name of ‘research’, I have also read Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally. Great teen book based around american football and falling in love for the first time. However, this list didn’t just stop there. If you are a lover of Mills and Boons there’s a few entries for you and I even discovered that fans of the 50 Shades trilogy can find similar books here, categorised as sport. (Blush!)

As regular readers of this blog will know, I don’t read biographies. Real life doesn’t spark my interest, so the many ‘how I learnt to kick a ball’ books by a variety of footballers will never be read by me. So what did I read?


Recently Updated

Country File magazine. Ok, possibly a bit of a cheat, but in my defence it does have a section on different walks in different parts of Britain. After skimming past the section on the top 10 seaside pubs in the UK, I discovered not only a lovely walk in South Wales but also about some funky equipment that would stop me from getting lost and a fantastic new range of waterproof coats (I do live in Wales after all!) as someone who enjoys a bit of trundle I felt this ticked the #NPTPlay box.

Why did I not go for something more challenging? Well does it matter what we’re reading, as long as we are reading, right?

Join us on Twitter on Tuesday 25th June (tonight!) to tell why you love or hate sports relating books. Don’t forget the hash tag #NPTPlay

Happy Reading


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