Adventures from my Garden

Over the last week I have overloaded my brain with many books from my summer reading pile. Now, not only am I back on track with my good reads reading target, but I have also covered many of our past reading group themes. In a week I have chartered the waters of #NPTPast, #NPTLol, #NPTLove, #NPTNewU, #NPTCosy and #NPTGuilty. Phew!

I would love to say it was really hard work (mainly because I’ve been using the excuse ‘I have to read them for reading group’ all week) but realistically it’s been an adventure filled with murder mysteries, corsets and laugh out loud moments, withour leaving my back garden. My holiday reading list is filled with books I put on stand-by for when I ‘need’ a book. The ones that catch your interest but you never get round to reading because you head back to the old faithful. This months twitter chat will be filled twittering about the books we’ve enjoyed during our hollibobs. Do you have a book you always read on holiday? Do you read a book and leave it on a sun lounger for someone else to enjoy? Have you been converted to e-books and e-readers (meaning you can now take clothes on holiday rather than just books, you know who you are!) or do you take a break from reading altogether?

Join us on Twitter on 26th August at 8pm to chat about your months reading.

PR_180_MNSee you there

Happy Reading 

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