Thrilling Reads

For this month’s theme, I thought I’d survey people I knew about what books ‘thrilled’ them. I shouldn’t have been surprised to find everyone replying with thriller titles by J.D Robb, Mark Billingham and Patricia Cornwell. You hear the word ‘thrill’ and we automatically jump to thoughts of books that make you double check the doors are locked before you go to bed and look over your shoulder to make sure you’re not being followed around the supermarket.

At this time of year there is an overwhelming number of books to choose from and ‘Sharon’s Wish list’ (containing a few thrillers) has begun to do the rounds of family and friends who know unless they buy me a book for Christmas I will forget what they actually bought me by boxing day.

Whilst reading this list, one friend did surprise me by telling me all about a book that thrilled her yet in no way came under the thriller genre. She was excited, thrilled and on the edge of her seat with anticipation to read the new Cecelia Ahern novel ‘How to Fall in Love’. Now, if you’re not a regular reader of Ms Ahern, she specialises in stories that require a stretch of the imagination and a willingness to believe the human race can carry out random acts of kindness – no cynics here please! That right there is the reason my friend loves her books so much. She loves the adventures the characters go on and will stay up until 4am just to find out how they reach their destination.

Me, I’m currently addicted to the thrill of finding an orange bubble next to a book I’ve downloaded from Wattpad. My colleagues and even some of friends will groan when they read this as I bang on about it a lot, but it is a great place to read other people work in its rawest form and chip in if you feel the need. This site holds a menagerie of writing styles and genres and to be honest sometimes you have to start reading some not so great stories before you stumble across an absolute gem. But over time I have built up a lengthy list of books on a reading list, labelled ‘Amazing’.
Here are 3 of my favourite Wattpad authors who have absolutely thrilled me over the last year:

Night shift by Bethany Myers

Night ShiftAt Willard’s department store, none of the night security guards survive for long, and Daniel Gale is about to discover why.

Short on the blurb, but this book is really good. It’s different from the multitude of zombie/dystopia teenage fiction available at the moment, which was one of the big draws for me. The mystery is well played and the characters are just awesome. To top it all off she’s planning a sequel! Yeah! I don’t want to say too much as I will give the game away, so just go read it!

Artificial Attraction by CoraVirgo

artificial attraction“Make him fall in love with you, it’s easy and it’s all for the job. Just imagine the results, you’d be instantly promoted; your own office for you to write anything you want. Nathan Kuszer’s not only one fourth of the infamous band, Central Perks, he’s also lonely and single, vulnerable and weak, make him fall in love with you, that’s all, write about it, publish it and watch your life flourish like his.” What would you do for the job of your dreams?

The third of four books based around the band Central Perks, this book kept me on the edge of my seat till the very end. I don’t think I have ever gasped so much at the end of a chapter and got so frustrated at having to wait for the next instalment! (The down side to reading a book whilst it’s still being written) This writer has me hooked and I’m currently fan-girling over a band that doesn’t exist!

Eva Wilde Vs the Zombie Apocalypse by JenMarieWilde

eva wilde“…another one just walked in,” Wyatt said as he switched off the television and stood close behind me. Any other day I would have shivered in his close presence, but right now we stood on the edge of the end of the world, and we had to survive.’ Eva Wilde was just another 22 year old girl, working in a 1950’s themed diner, hanging out with her friends, and falling in love. But that all changed overnight when a virus spread throughout Australia, transforming it into a wasteland of deadly disease and flesh-eating zombies. Now, Eva and her friends must do whatever they can to survive.

As anyone who has read my previous posts will know, I come across as a zombie junkie. This book does nothing to help argue the case that I’m not. I love it, book 2 is just as good and the thought of the third one on its way makes me dizzy.

So my lovely readers, what books have been ‘thrilling’ you?

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This month’s hashtag  #NPTThrill

Happy Reading




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