Bon Jovi, Braces & Books

My teenage years; Bon Jovi, Braces, Books.
The braces may have gone but the love of Bon Jovi and books remains. What was I reading?


I don’t remember there being a lot of options for the inbetweeny readers, although they were out there, they seemed to bypass me. Now people are more aware of books aimed at the young adult (YA). This is partly due to the number of us who are *cough* slightly older *cough* reading them and partly due to the explosion of films they have inspired Hollywood to make. But not everyone approves. People regularly comment on how I’m not challenging myself by reading teenage books where storylines focus solely on getting a boyfriend.
Whilst ‘in my day’ there were many subjects still considered taboo, today it’s fair game and young adult fiction covers everything a teen could ever be curious about. It’s no longer an area authors would try out in between writing ‘proper’ books. It’s a rapidly expanding category where authors can take more risks in their writing and why not? If you want to try something new, it needs to be read by a group of people who are still discovering what they like. In my opinion, not all these experiments work. Books that are made up of e-mails, to coin a welsh phrase, do my head in. I want narrative, e-mails remind me too much of work, I read to escape.

So what YA fiction am I reading? I thought I’d stay away from the usual dystopian/apocalyptic reads I usually go for and try a book everyone from 13-73 has been raving about: ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ by John Green. This book is targeted at the YA audience, covers subjects that need to be addressed in a way that draws the reader in not blows up in the authors face and I have no idea if this book will have a happy or sad ending. But this is what excites me most, the fact I can’t predict who the bad guy is or know that in the end the characters will fall in love and live happily ever after. If you’ve not heard of it (do you live under a rock?), click the book for a review, without spoilers, that may inspire you to pick it up.


What do you think of Young Adult fiction? Never picked it up? Read it all the time? What attracts you to it? What makes you avoid it?

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Happy Reading


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