Put a spring in your step

Welcome back to the NPT Libraries twitter reading group! Yey! Oh, how I have missed you…

To kick things back off, we have chosen a theme to make us happy… Spring in your step.

We want to talk about the things you read that make you happy, the books/magazines/websites that give you a bit of lift.

For me, purely sitting down with a book (print or ebook) makes me happy. Reading has always been one of my most important pastimes, the thing that keeps me sane on some days. I can’t call reading a hobby, I feel that would devalue it – hobbies can come and go, reading for pleasure is as natural as breathing – well, for me at least (other opinions are welcomed).

So, what type of things do I read that put a spring in my step?

Old favourites

I am not jumping on any bandwagon here…

The Poldark series by Winston Graham has been a long-lived passion of mine. I first read Ross Poldark when I was about 12 and read the rest of the series in very quick succession. I was obsessed with the original 70s series (I should stress that I am in my 30s, my mother had taped all the original series when they were repeated, when we had our first video recorder), I would watch it over and over again. I loved the fact that the books filled in gaps for me and continued where the series had stopped.

I return time and time again to the books, they make me happy. The new series on BBC also puts a spring my step at the moment (I wonder why?)…

Ross Poldark New discoveries

I love finding new things to read, especially new authors. I am a fan of YA fiction, so I have loved discovering these lovely new books by authors I haven’t read before.

New books for Bethan to read

Our twitter reading group will take place on Tuesday 28th April at 8 p.m. Join us if you can – we will be using #NPTSpring to bring our tweets together.

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