The Reading Place is a place for you to share and discuss what you are reading, in other words, a reading group! In NPT Libraries, we have many successful reading groups that take place in libraries, homes and many other locations (including the pub!). The one thing that they all have in common is that they have a physical place for people to meet in. The Reading Place is an online community, where you can join in our conversations wherever you are – in the house, on the move, whenever.

We want you to tweet about what you are reading. Every month, we will posting a new reading theme, with a new hashtag for you to use in your tweets. If you don’t want to tweet, just follow the theme on the monthly page, read the comments or join in by commenting yourself.

This reading blog and the NPT Reads twitter reading group are run by NPT Libraries, Neath Port Talbot, South Wales, but we would like to thank the NSW Readers Advisory Working Group in Australia for giving us the idea, as they have been running this type of reading group for over 18 months. Take a look at http://love2read2012.wordpress.com/.



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