August 2013 – A book for every suitcase?

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Whether you’re heading abroad in search of that mystical being the sun, or just relaxing in the garden, many of us will be on the hunt for a good book to relax with this summer. I love to mix and match my reading with a few old favourites alongside some newer books to hit the stands. My usual point of reference is ‘Richard and Judy’s Summer Book Club’. I enjoy browsing my way through the variety this list offers and being introduced to debut authors.

I’ve been lucky so far with these lists and not read anything that made me feel like I’d wasted my summer’s relaxation by reading it. However, one of the books on my holiday reading pile is not from this list but from the lists reviewer; ‘Eloise’ by Judy Finnigan Despite following the summer book club for a number of years, hearing about the release of this book didn’t fill me with excitement and it’s release in 2012 passed by without so much as an ooooo…. from me. But, after listening to a radio interview, where Judy talked enthusiastically about the very same book a few weeks ago it has now reached the top of my holiday reading pile.

Whilst I sat there looking at this ever increasing pile (it’s a good thing I holiday in the UK) I wondered if other peoples’ summer reading lists is as varied as mine.  What do people want from their summer reads? Is there a book for every suitcase?

So, what makes a great summer read for you?

Is it a particular theme or setting? Is it the length of the book, something you can read in one sitting? Do you require a certain genre that makes it a perfect vacation book? Do you have certain authors you take with you on your summertime travels? Does the hype surrounding a book make you want to read it less or more?

Hop onto twitter (wherever you may be) at the end of August and join us for a chat about your hot summer reads. #NPTHot


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