December 2012 – Cosy comforts

Whichever way you look at it, whether you like it or nor, December brings Christmas and Christmas brings rushing about, planning, visiting, shopping, partying…we could go on. In amongst all this seasonal hullabulloo what we all need is to take a time out, to indulge ourselves in a little bit of ‘me’ time and treat ourselves. So join me as we immerse ourselves in the uniquely satisfying and pleasurable experience of taking a good book and indulging in a little cosy comfort.

Before we get settled make sure that you have all you need to fully enjoy your cosy comfort. All done? Good.

Now I should imagine that some of you are cwtched up on your sofa, hot mug in your hand, a few treats to nibble on. Some of you may well be in bed, swamped in a lovely warm duvet or in the bath, full with bubbles. Or maybe you like the outdoors, looking over a lake or a river, out to sea or over the hills. Whichever it is we all have a favourite place we like reading where there is no better place to enjoy your cosy comfort.

So what are we talking about? What is a cosy comfort? Well, you tell me. Your cosy comfort and how you define it is personal to you. It is the book that you save up for when you have time to indulge yourself, for when you feel like treating yourself to a special experience. That is why where you read is so important for the cosy comfort, for me at least, is the whole package i.e. the book, the setting, the time of day, the mood. Very often is will be a book that I am pretty sure I will enjoy, a favourite author perhaps, but probably not the time for something new. Give me the right setting and I will be more than happy with an Andrea Camilleri, sipping on his sumptuous Sicilian crime novels.

What cosy comforts do you have? Why are they cosy comforts to you? It may be that, for you, a comfort is a definite genre or author or a certain type of book. Is your comfort read a biography, travel book, history? Cooking maybe? It need not all be fiction. Perhaps you find pleasure in poetry. Whatever it is share with us. And while you are at it where do you go to enjoy your comfort read?

Is it strange that I would think of a crime novel as one of my comfort reads? If so then that goes to show what a wonderful thing reading and readers are for everyone of us is so different.

Remember, this December, take a time out and treat yourself to a good book. Whatever it may be.

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