February 2012 – Love is in the air

To quote the Beatles “all you need is love” and according to Virgil “love conquers all”. Yes, it’s that time of year again when the ladies want to be romanced and men faint at the price of roses, it’s FEBRUARY!

Ok that’s probably a huge generalisation, but this month are talking about the things you love. Are you always desperate to read the latest book by your favorite author? (Confession 1: have taken a day off work to read the latest Kathy Reich’s book on the day of release) Do you have a book you love to read over and over again? My all time favorite book is ‘Turbulent Priests’ by Colin Bateman. It never fails to make me laugh out loud and is my ‘go to book’ when I’m between reads. Do you have a favorite place to read? (Confession 2: I’ve been known to hide out in my local pub to finish a book in peace). Do you have a person you love to read with? Sharing a book with a child/grandchild, a newspaper with your family. Have you ever been surprised by the way a love story has ended, as in Jojo Moyes ‘Me Before You’ or the way a thriller, for example  Tess Gerritsen ‘Gravity’ can also have love at the centre of its story? Do you secretly love to read books you would never tell your friend about? (Confession 3: I love regency romance, swoon)

We want to hear your confessions about the things you love about reading and what you have read. Chat with us on twitter at the end of the month using #NPTLove and share your hearts desires. (Date to be confirmed)

Happy Reading


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