January 2012 – A new you

January, the time of year when the sparkle of Christmas has disappeared and everyone begins making declarations about their new year’s resolutions. We announce that this year we will transform ourselves into healthier, fitter, better groomed versions of our previous selves and then order a pizza when we get home. Last year I made the same declaration and followed it by reading 3 leaflets about yoga, 4 cookery books and numerous magazines about new hair styles. My brain has never looked better!

But what does ‘A New You’ mean to you? Will you be devouring ‘The Hairy Bikers’ latest cookbook? Looking to try new authors? Picking up a thriller instead of a romance? Heading to your local library for books about gardening or holidays in the UK just in case the sun makes an appearance this summer?

For some of us we will change the way we look at the world as the result of a book we’ve read or pledge to read more, including the instructions to flat pack furniture.

This month we want to know about anything you’ve read that made a change, no matter how small, to your life. Did you enjoy the leap into the unknown? What would you recommend for book lovers who may be a little nervous about trying something new? Join us on twitter to chat about what you’ve been reading using #NPTNewU (date to be confirmed)

I’m going to start with ‘The New You Survival Guide’ by Daisy Waugh. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Happy Reading


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