May 2013 – Once Upon a Time

once-upon-a-time-logo1Historical fiction – love it or hate it, it has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Hilary Mantels Tudor themed sequel was eagerly awaited and devoured by the masses in 2012 and Katie Flynn and Josephine Cox will always have a quieter but strong following. It’s a genre that seems to involve a little bit everything; mystery, fantasy, crime, romance, even science fiction.

But what’s your stance on historical fiction?

Did you read Carrie’s War at school and as a result you now love or hate it fiction with a historical twist? Is this a style of book you now appreciate but previously didn’t enjoy?

Do you side with (some) academic historians who feel historical fiction is:

  • Full of pre-modern women sounding like 20th century feminists
  • Badly researched
  • Misleading as to contemporary feelings on certain historical events.


Do you accept the genres short coming for what it is – a piece of fiction?

Does historically accurate mean good and inaccurate mean bad? (Or in my case do you not even notice!)

I suppose a more prudent point is; when does modern fiction become historical fiction? For many a time lapse of 25-50 years is enough for a book to be considered ‘historical’ fiction. For others it is down to when it was written. For example ‘The Great Gatsby’ was written in 1925. At the time it was considered a contemporary masterpiece, 88 years later it is a piece of historical fiction.

So tell us what you think about historical fiction. Are you tempted to read it in a bid to try something new or are you already a die-hard fan?

Join us on Twitter at the end of May to chat about all things historical using #NPTpast

Happy Reading


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