September 2012 – Guilty pleasures

What is your guilty pleasure when it comes to reading?

A guilty pleasure is something that you enjoy but feel guilty for doing so, usually because you don’t want other people to know or you think it is embarrassing – it could even be a little bit naughty (I won’t tell, if you won’t)! A guilty pleasure could be listening to a certain pop star (think 80s, think Stock Aitken Waterman, think Rick Astley!), eating that big slice of chocolate fudge cake when you are on a diet or watching an extremely sloppy film (My Girl, Steel Magnolias – don’t speak to me, even thinking about it upsets me) just because you want to cry.

How about something you read when you were a teenager that you knew you really shouldn’t? For me, it was Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel, I was fourteen and I knew I shouldn’t be reading it – I still feel guilty…

What about a romance published by a well known romance publisher… Mills and Boon have seen record purchases of e-book romances in the last few years – people can’t see what you are reading when it is on a e-reader – a true guilty pleasure. Bring on the regency romances!

For other people, a guilty pleasure is actually sitting down with that book you have waiting to read for ages – the new James Patterson, Nora Roberts or Deborah Harkness (for me, anyway). We feel guilty that we are not doing the ironing, washing up etc., guilty that we are doing something that we enjoy!

Read a guilty pleasure this month and tell us about it. Tweet what you are reading, using the hashtag #NPTguilty. We will be having a live twitter discussion on 25th September 2012 at 8 p.m., join in the discussion using the hashtag.


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